Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I must tell you, I am a female Bobcat and proud of it. I have always been high-strung since arriving at the sanctuary because no one has ever been able to figure me out. I don't understand why they don't know who I am. It is obvious I am the leader of all females here. They look up to me. I demand respect. I expect all females to stand up and be strong. I give lessons to others, and I have been known to scold the ones who lack courage. I am fearless. My desire is to be acknowledged for who I am. I expect you to know who I am.

Did you guess Missouri?

If you did, you have already made a heart connection. Missouri is a beautiful cougar. Her human family could not take care of her and Cody, her brother, due to a divorce. Once a family pet, abandoned and unwanted, she now has a new family at the sanctuary.

If you want to help Missouri build trust again, try the following animal communication technique. Close your eyes. Get quiet and picture Missouri in your mind. Ask her if you have permission to send her a heart whisper. If it is okay, see the word "trust" written upon your heart. Now, see your heart going forth like a beam of light touching Missouri's heart. See Missouri's heart with the word "trust" written upon it. You can also send her the feeling of trust. She will hear what your heart has said. You have made a difference in Missouri's life. She thanks you.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Cats are mysterious. They are curious and notorious for having an attitude. It is therefore no surprise during my latest visit to the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary and communicating with the cats, there was a collective decision made by them that they wanted to engage in playtime with people who are curious about them. They want to help demystify their individual personas.

As a result, they have created a "game" which will enable the participants to gain insight and glean understanding of who they are. The rules are simple. I will communicate with a cat asking him or her to share with me what they would like someone to know about them. You guess who you think it is. I will post the name of the cat the next day along with more information. Ready to play? Purr-fect. Let's start.

People at the sanctuary think I am shy. Little do they know I am not shy, I am afraid. My brother and I were very happy with our human family until one day when some people came to take us away. We were brought to Big Cat Rescue sanctuary and kept together. I don't understand why my human family did not want us anymore. I love them so much and I know they love me. They did not say good-bye. I didn't get to say good-bye. Now, I don't like to show myself to many people. I like the people who take care of me, but if I love and get close to them, I am scared they will pick me up and take me away again. I don't understand why I am here. More than anything, I want to say good-bye to my family. I need and want closure. I want to trust again.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Wants to know what you want Carole. This is the only cat that was specifically concerned with and about your needs. She has been with you before several times in other lives. She would protect you at all costs. It is important to her that you are happy. As we discussed, she is your Master Cat Guide, if you will and speech writer. She will provide you with inspiration, strength to carry on, even though you know your course, she will help you stay the course as that is the challenge, provide you with stamina and endurance. Ask her for help in writing the legislation. Connect with her through your feelings and as you write, you will feel what you want and not what you don't want. Her message is "Act (feel) as though it were, not as it is." That is the only way change will happen and help you to create in the present moment.



Could easily be taught sign language. This would give him the opportunity to "hear" with signals as they carry frequencies. This guy just wants to be like others. Overall, pretty content. I really liked this cat. He would like more interaction with people.



Very, very feminine cat. A very proud cat. Although we didn't stop long to talk with her, she is very graceful and very much the lady. She had started to share with me something about a different path, but we were interrupted by several of the cats wanting our attention, so I didn't complete the dialogue.




Her concern was stalking or being stalked, and we soon discovered it was stalking.  She has been very busy as a hunter for at least 3-4 days as this deer was hanging around her area back there. I would definitely give her a piece of the deer and praise her and tell her what a great hunter she is and that she was responsible for the kill. I would also bless the deer and thank it for giving its life to her before feeding it to her. This will raise the vibration of the food and she will receive more benefit from it.


Little White Dove

This is the yin on the other side of your community. She is the female leader with very strong feminine energy. She is fearless and demands respect and acknowledgement of her position in the community. She will scold the other females if they do not stand up for themselves or in any way shows any weakness. She sets the example. Truly a warrior spirit, not warring, but warrior. I would want her on my side. I believe you will see her more relaxed and calm as she has now been acknowledged. She felt very good about FINALLY being understood.



This is a very, very, very intelligent spirit. He thinks he has you all figured out as demonstrated by grabbing his foot and dismissing the entire tour group. This is done as he likes to think of himself as a "guard dog" and so many people frustrate him and he feels overwhelmed because he cannot guard his territory. So, he has started to bite his foot (originally out of frustration) and as a result has correlated biting his foot with the tour group being dismissed, not looking at him, etc. and he gets what he wants. No people staring at him that he feels helpless in being successful at guarding his territory. He is one that could be assigned a job and give him purpose. He also gave me the image of the statue of another animal. It appears as though he is attached to this and would like to have it in his surroundings.




Bengali-Uses his imagination alot. This cat likes the feeling of his paws in the air. Very, very loving. Playful at heart. Childlike. Would like music. As we discussed, maybe the volunteers could sing to him when around his area. Very playful. Got the impression he likes circles even dancing.

Dances With Wolves

This cat just impressed upon me that she didn't want to be forgotten. She did not want to discuss it further today.


Shadow-Bless his heart. I am surprised he does not have a complex, but he doesn't. He is thought of as one of the girls. They trust him, he reassures them, calms them, listens and helps them with their problems. As I said, he told me he likes to fix things, repair things. I thought at first he might like to be consulted by the volunteers when something needs to be done as to how he would fix it (maybe he gets tired of the "girls" and would like to help the volunteers fix the things they are working on.) This may be a way to enrich Shadow's life. Ask him his opinion about the repairs of fixing of things around there. His feminine side is definitely developed as the girls really don't treat him like a male.


Lola-Pouts. No one listens to her. She wants to be the center of attention. Holds on to emotions and has a hard time processing them. Not holding onto grudges per say; however remembers transgressions. We can work with her by giving her understanding and explaining to her why some things have happened as they have. She is somewhat open and we will need to be firm when conversing with her. She does not respect weakness in any form. In other words, she is one that will not respond in a favorable fashion by asking her anything in a gingerly way. You will not be able to skirt an issue with Lola. She wants it laid out there, bottom line and make sure she understands she is in control of her life. She is working on learning to forgive and move on.


A very generous, funny cat. Didn't have anything specific as he was just observing and he would let us know later what he thought about all of this. Sent us along our business.


He wants to be the Special Needs Poster Cat. I didn't get the sense that it was physical special needs as it was emotional special needs. His message is you don't have to jump through hoops. He doesn't feel very attractive. He is also continually being stressed by hearing his story over and over. He would like a new image. Perhaps retell his story in terms of hope, healing, courage and encouragement as an inspiration for those needing heart healing. He wants people to see who he is now, not who he used to be.


Her main issues revolve around motherhood. As she was taken from her mother too soon and losing a baby, she is still grieving and will need these emotions addressed so she can release them. She isn't wanting to be a mother. She is still very much feeling the losses and doesn't understand why these things happened to her.



The male yang of the entire population. Leader. All the cats trust Simba. He likes movement. Is challenged with people as they come by as he guesses what they are like. Simba likes guessing games. Something to keep in mind in structuring mind stimulation games or activities. People do stimulate him. He also keeps everyone in the cat community as to what is going on. Not a gossip, just informer. Think of him as your daily news broadcaster. He would like to be more in the action so he can keep on top of things and keep everyone informed.


According to Catera, his recommendation for improvement includes arranging everyone according to "groups" or types of cats. If not possible, then at least by demeanor. He is very conscious of territory and would not be stressed by being relocated. Bailey would be a good neighbor; however, Bailey enjoys the center of attention and has to be around the action. She really enjoys the people and doesn't mind the constant movement. Bailey would also not be stressed if she were moved. She welcomed the idea of Catera as a neighbor and isn't as "racial" oriented if you will as Catera. He really enjoys his breed more than being surrounded by "foreigners." Bailey could care less; however, she got real excited when I asked her what she thought of the idea of Catera being close.