Sunday, December 31, 2006

We Will Remember You

Taking a deep breath, the cougar sighs for the last time as he feels his body relax and lets go.

As we speak his name, a vision of a paw with no claws reaches for a twig that has fallen from the tree. The cougar plays with the stick, batting it back and forth until its reduced size provides little interest. Newly formed blades of grass are chewed as delicacies with appreciation. Big brown eyes peek over his dirt covered den as he watches his keepers come to clean and take care of him. Always excited to see people when they come by, he plays hide and seek and shows off his athletic ability. His love for people cannot be denied. The gratitude he feels in his heart for living at the sanctuary can be felt. The cougar has a heart that is bigger than his purr.

Squeaker shares his vision of how he wants us to remember him. His purpose in life was finished, and he was ready to go. No longer in pain, he is running free and being a wild cougar again. Our lives are forever changed because Squeaker shared his life with us. Although time was short, our hearts are quiet now as we promise him, we will remember you.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Precious Finding Home

Even though people pass by Precious's home every day, she feels safe and peaceful. She feels safe because she has become her own foundation. There are many definitions of "home." Precious knows the process of evolution may require you to undergo some transformations that may require you to move to a new home. She wants to share her vision of home that will enable you to feel safe enough to let down your guard, be peaceful enough to really relax, and loved enough to want to return day after day.

When you are ready, ask Precious for permission to "hang out" with her in her tree. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Precious asks a simple question-"What is your definition of home?" Does home mean a place where your basic needs are met or a place where you draw strength and tranquility or is it somewhere you can be yourself and accepted? Precious wants you to know these qualities need not be linked to any single space. She sees home as any space or state of being that fulfills you, provided you are at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

The way Precious has become her own foundation is allowing her perspective of home to be a feeling she carries inside herself wherever she is. Simply put, you will know home when both your physical environment and energetic surroundings are in harmony with the individual you are within. A blending of this definition of home gives credence to the old saying, "Home is where the heart is." Be grateful for finding a Precious new home.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Look at me sitting high and happy in my tree. Don't get too close or else I will hiss and spit. I like having my own home and feel safe where I am. I am quiet, reserved, and usually stay to myself. Some will think I am hard to get to know, but it's only a defense I use because I don't trust people. I am easy to get along with and easily blend where ever I am. I am a peaceful spirit. Can you guess Who I Am?

Monday, December 25, 2006


Talking with the cats this morning, I was sharing with them this special day. Some of them communicated their feelings of disconnection from their natural environments. Even though the sanctuary provides a safe and clean home, it is no substitute for where they should call home. In helping a few of the cats today, it brought awareness to my mind they were also helping those who are away from family and friends and maybe feeling "blue."

All of the cats wanted to help, so I am sharing a link you can pass along to someone who is having a rough day being separated from family. You can call any day at any time. There is no charge for the call and it is available 24 hours a day. Long distance charges may apply depending on where a call is originating. People from several countries are available on "The Work Hotline." Languages represented are English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Danish. These skilled facilitators will walk you through any issue you want to talk about using "The Work," which is a simple, effective process of "breakingthrough."

If you are not familiar with "The Work", it is a powerful and transformative process. Click on the link and be assisted with love, clarity and dedication. Give all of the cats at Big Cat Rescue a heart hug and thanks as they send you a Christmas "Pre-sent" with love and hugs to you this Christmas day.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered we have a life purpose. Would you help us to achieve it?"

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Give It A Rest

Today marks the beginning of a season of slumber, the winter solstice. The cats remind us that in times past, bare-limbed trees, long nights, and the biting chill of winter signified to all that the time had come to slow down. Humanity emulated the animals, retreating into cozy dwellings where they sustained themselves on foods harvested late in autumn and passed the time in peaceful reflection. Living in a warm climate, most people proceed through this period of time ignoring the profound effects that not being in rhythm with the natural cycles has on their bodies.

Many animals would not give birth in the springtime if it were not for the period of dormancy that is the gift of this season. Their example can inspire us to use this season of slumber to cleanse ourselves of spiritual and emotional detritus so we may emerge refreshed and renewed when spring arrives. Allow the cats to help your body articulate the desire to rest, daydream, lay in the sun, reconnect with nature and regenerate. Honor and respect the natural gift provided for us to give it a rest.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The 12 Cats of Christmas

The cats wanted to have some fun during the holidays. Here is their version of "The 12 Cats of Christmas."

On the first day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how gorgeous Reno is sitting in his favorite oak tree?"

On the second day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Cameron and Zabu run, play and act so care free?"

On the third day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Aquarius and Pisces have gone on an underwater, all day fishing spree?"

On the fourth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Shere Khan tells China Doll "NO" with a big, powerful plea?"

On the fifth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how after all these years, Mr. E still remains a mystery?"

On the sixth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Sultan jumps, climbs, and tries to get you with such glee?"

On the seventh day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how servals tolerate anything but only to a degree?"

On the eighth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Shatia and Dances are excited to once again become We?"

On the ninth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how happy Scratch is to lay around, sleep and do nothing but BE?"

On the tenth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how when you try to approach little Nico, how quickly she will flee?"

On the eleventh day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how Artemis, Orion and Ares are the special cougars three?"

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Big Cats said to me, "Do you see how "No More Peacocks" on this, we all can agree?"

Merry Cat-Mas and A Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ty Using His Resources

Ty is Ty. He is a beautiful, exotic cat. It doesn't matter how sweet he is or tame he may appear, he is a wild cat by nature. Unfortunately, the family who bought him from a breeder thought he would be perfect for their child. The family believed some generalizations about wild cats that did not give them the experience they wanted. As a result, Ty will now spend his natural life enclosed in an unnatural environment.

Ty wants to share how he perceives his experience with you. Come rest with him under his favorite palmetto bush and close your eyes. Take a deep breathe and relax. Ty asks a question-Do you think of generalizations being good or bad? This is important because we give meaning to everything we believe. We then take the meaning and respond to it which gives us the experiences we have in life. If we are not experiencing the life we want, we can change the generalizations in the way we think of them. Instead of good and bad, Ty perceives generalizations and beliefs as resources.

In other words, is this generalization or belief going to manifest the results I want? Is it resourceful to me or not? An easy way to discern what your generalizations or beliefs are is look at the results you have created in your life right now. The family believed Ty would make a good pet. If this belief had produced the results they wanted, Ty would not live at Big Cat Rescue. Their belief was not resourceful to them. It was not resourceful for Ty either. Think of beliefs and generalizations as resources instead of good or bad to assist you in creating the life you want. Ty knows this will change your life because it did his. Send a heart thought thanking Ty for sharing with you a new way of understanding resources.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


I was so cute as a kitten, I was bought as a pet. The people generalized wild cats can make good pets if they are small enough. I now live here because I am me. I am a sweet boy, but still a wild cat. My favorite place to sleep is under a palmetto bush. You have to look close to see me. I get my picture taken alot from people who can find me. I like to chase bugs and butterflies. I am quick at eating them. Hissing is how I say hello. See if you know Who I am.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered we make choices in our lives? Would you interfere with our choices?"

Friday, December 15, 2006

Cougar Chronicles

The cubs have been settling into their new home for a couple of months. They have all the amenities any cat would want. A three bedroom Cat-A-Tat with a swimming pool complete with exotic landscaping. They are getting used to being in the public eye and since they are still youngsters, cubs will be cubs.

One day, Orion heard people talking about their swimming abilities. He asked Artemis, better known as "Baby" if they should get in the water. He explained to her he heard cougars are not supposed to like the water, but they loved it. Confused, they decided to ask Sabre, their surrogate father, to explain why they liked the water if that was not natural for cougars.

Sabre was excited the cubs were seeking his advice. He told the cubs it is all about imagination. What you can imagine, you can do and according to Sabre, imagination is one of the most important aspects of your BEING that fades away as you get older. Anything is possible when you don't know it's not. Keep swimming and make "humbugs (anything or anyone who tells you it is impossible) an extinct species" as the cubs jumped in the water.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Shadow Knows

Holidays are always a mixed bag of feelings. I have a friend who found out she has an incurable disease. As I was talking to some of the cats today, I was sharing with them how I have known several people who choose to pass over at this time of the year. One voice spoke up over the others. I knew who it was and couldn't wait to hear what his perspective was about a doctor telling someone they have an incurable disease.

"Shadow," I said, "there is no known cure for this disease. When a doctor tells you, there is no cure, there is no cure. Our society believes that certain diseases have no known cures." Shadow sat patiently as I continued to babble about the confusion the family is going through.

"Everything will always appear incurable," he said, "when you are listening to someone or something. All they will see is what the physical is communicating to them." As he spoke, I thought, Shadow has finally seen my point of view. He understands what I have been saying to him. Shadow gave me a couple of blinks with his eyes, as though he was showing me how to clear my eyes, when I heard him say, "When you hear something is incurable, see it as in-curable. Nothing is ever cured from going outside of yourself. Only when you go IN(side of yourself) is something curable. In-curable is a life sentence, not a death sentence."

A change in perspective. A transformed life in the BLINK of two eyes. Doctors could learn from what The Shadow Knows.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nyla Loving Herself

Have you ever found yourself in a new experience that confused you? Nyla, a beautiful Asian leopard, had such an experience early in her life. She was preoccupied with other's opinions. As a result, Nyla didn't take care of her family members. As time has passed, Nyla misses being with her brother, Simba, and family is now very important to her. She sits in a special place in her Cat-A-Tat so she can see Simba everyday. She has practiced a technique she wants you to know that can help you realize what is important to you.

Stretch out in a comfortable position. Ask Nyla to assist you as you bring your attention to your heart. Start to breathe deeply and slowly. Do not force the breath. Visualize the air coming in and leaving through the center of your heart. Allow a genuine feeling of appreciation for yourself and someone you care about in your life to increase with every breath you take. Send this feeling to yourself and to the other person. Try to sustain this for 5 minutes. It may take practice to build up to 5 minutes. As you do this, you create a new reference point for locking into the power of your heart.

Practicing this technique will generate in yourself the positive energy of appreciation, compassion, love, and care. You will begin to identify what is truly important to you in your life. You will be transforming yourself first, then the other person and your environment. You will acquire new values. Nyla has learned to love herself first and shares with us, it is never too late to care about those you love. Blow a heart kiss to Nyla and thank her that through her heart power, you are realizing yours.

Monday, December 11, 2006


I have changed quite a bit in the last several years. Family wasn't very important to me; however, as I have grown older, family is one of the most important things to me. I sit and wait to see my brother. I miss him so much. I sometimes want to have some babies, but I have already had two. One is living here at the sanctuary. I am a beautiful cat. I love to run and hide from you and then surprise you as you come close to my Cat-A-Tat. Think of my brother and daughter, and you will know Who I Am.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." Although Nelson Mandela spoke these words, Cleo, the smallest cougar at Big Cat Rescue, embodied the essence of this truth. Her freedom, limited only by the harness that was embedded in her skin when she first arrived, represented the boundless spirit that would not be denied. The desire to be free was so strong, she endured great pain and suffering to allow a harness to be cut from her tiny body without biting or attacking.

Everyone will miss Cleo's physical presence at Big Cat Rescue. She was a shy spirit that didn't make herself known to alot of people. She had great respect for everyone who cared for her. She gave the founder, Carole Baskin, the freedom she needed to help her when her need was great. Cleo's desire was to have people become aware of what freedom truly is-allowing others to be who they are without control and domination. A tiny cougar who will continue to speak to the hearts of the spirits transforming our current world of limitation bringing forth the realization of the power of ONE. Thank you Cleo for your message of freedom and hope.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mystical Bengali

"Oooh, Ahhh," is often heard when people first catch a glimpse of Bengali. He embodies a mystical quality that keeps him in tune with life. The secret to this quality is being flexible. Bengali creates flexibility in his body when he stretches and plays in the water. Not only does he have fun, but being flexible in his body helps him to bend without breaking and be willing to change or be changed in order to accommodate new circumstances.

Bengali encourages you to allow him to show you how to become flexible in your mind. He knows this will enable you to take advantage of opportunities and have fun as you open to situations that were not planned as life surprises you. Find a comfortable place and stretch out. Close your eyes and ask Bengali to stretch out beside you. Every day, you have opportunities to create limberness in your mind by stretching mentally. Start by picturing yourself driving home and taking a different route. Other simple techniques include change the order in which you put on your shoes, when cleaning your home, do it in reverse from your usual routine, play sports with your non-dominant hand, answer the phone with the opposite hand and continue to change your daily routines. Performing these small acts, the rigidity that has been created by performing the same tasks over and over in the same way will start to dissolve. You will see things not seen before. You will align yourself with the harmony of life. When changes come your way, you will be able to accommodate and flow with the new. Any attachments will be gone.

People will notice something mystical about you as you flow and not get caught up in the drama of life. They will know there is more to you than meets the eye. You can share with them how the unseen becomes visible when you are having fun simply by stretching. Thank Bengali for helping you to remember the full moon is not the only place you can find the LIGHT.

Monday, December 04, 2006


I am mystical. You feel it when you see me, but you don't know what it is. My stripes and color are tied to the full and new moons. My swimming abilities are associated with the water elements. I have a special relationship with the unseen. There is more to me than meets the eye. I like to feel things with my big paws. Scratching trees allows me to stretch and enjoy feeling my body move in different ways. I am very friendly and am a favorite on the tours. Does tonight's full moon shed any light on Who I Am?

Friday, December 01, 2006


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered I could show you things you have forgotten about yourself. Would you be ready to see them?"

Thursday, November 30, 2006

An Extra "E"

Walking down the path, I was headed towards Snorkel's Cat-A-Tat. My mind was still thinking about a situation that had happened earlier in the day. I had gotten upset about someone not doing what they said they would do, and I had to rearrange my whole schedule and was not pleased about it. Snorkel was chuffing as he came to greet me.

"Take an extra E," Snorkel said as I stood there telling him the story. "An extra E?" I asked. Snorkel asked if I had ever noticed the similarities between react and create. I thought for a moment and realized they had the same letters, arranged differently and create had an extra E. "How do I use an extra E to create?" I asked Snorkel. "Think of the E as effort." I was lost. How could an E create, I asked myself. Snorkel chuffed and chuffed. It was apparent, he was enjoying this conversation.

"Instead of giving your power away by reacting to what appears to be, use a little extra "E"ffort to create a new and better experience for yourself. When you create, you keep your power. When you react, you give it away. Choose to see the situation different, and you will BE using your power to manifest what you want." Snorkel helped me to see taking an extra "E" a day will help me to create a better world.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Inspirational Reno

Reno, a beautiful Asian Spotted Leopard, loves to play. His selection of objects to interact with are numerous as he looks around his Cat-A-Tat. They aren't fancy or cost a lot of money. He is surrounded by the simplicity of nature. Reno never complains. He starts his playtime by sitting and observing what is around him. As soon as something catches his eye, he slowly starts to move his muscles into position to ready himself for the perfect moment to play.

One of Reno's favorite, natural things to play with is a big, old tree. Did you ever stop to ask why cats sit in trees? He wants to share his reason for stretching out on the limbs of a tree. He knows a forgotten technique that you can add to your playtime that will inspire you. Ask Reno to guide you to a place where you can find a tree that catches your eye. Reno will help you find the perfect one. When you find it, walk up to it and give a blessing of thanks that it has called you to it. Get as close as you can to the tree and hug it. Put your arms around it. Be still. BECOME one with it. Allow your heart to speak to the tree. Allow the tree to speak to your heart. Ask the tree a question. You WILL hear a message that will inspire you.

Give Reno thanks and a heart hug as he has inspired you to look and play with trees in a (k)new way. You now know what he is doing when you see him in his favorite tree. You also now have a new play friend who will share love and inspiration with you when you need it.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I am a beautiful cat. You can find me sitting in my tree or balancing on a limb. I used to be a performer before I retired. I enjoy being silly and chase water. I am very active. I could play all day. I always find things to play with in my home. One of my favorite things is when I get a tube filled with spices and special things that make me feel good. I like seeing people when they come by. Who Am I of all the beautiful cats living at the sanctuary?

Thursday, November 23, 2006


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered we, as a species, have a culture and family structure. Would you destroy and eliminate it?"

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Raindance, Meeter and Greeter

Raindance, also known as Miss Friendly, Miss Purrsonality, Rainey and a number of other names, meets and greets guests as they come to Big Cat Rescue. She always leaves you with a good feeling. Purring and smiling for pictures, Raindance knows how to make your heart smile.

Raindance asks that we pause from our busy day for a moment to consider one of her special qualities. She shares heart smiles. She asks the question, "What do you do when you meet a stranger on the street?" Raindance shares a smile. She knows that could be the only smile the person receives all day. We never know what kind of day they are experiencing, or that the person may not have anyone to come home to and your smile would make a difference in their day. Raindance knows that when a person thinks about the smile you shared with them, it warms their heart. Tomorrow, smile at everyone you meet, and you will feel that special something that Raindance gives to everyone she meets and greets that has no name.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who Am I?

Hello everyone. I am Miss Friendly. I love to come out and see the people taking my picture. You can call me, and I will sneak through the bushes to see you. I am a little overweight, but, it doesn't slow me down. I love to be groomed. I help to introduce you to the sanctuary, and I will leave you with a good feeling. People never forget me. I am full of purrsonality. If someone asks you what is special about me, they won't exactly know what is it, but I have it. I have heard I have charisma. Do you feel you know Who I Am?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Things are rapidly changing in the world today. The mind can hardly keep up with everything that is going on. Many people are feeling lost and confused because they can't make sense out of current events or why things are happening in their lives. I have been talking with the cats and asking for their help. The love they have for us is so powerful, they agreed to help us. They are very excited to share with us their perspectives about what is going on in the world. So......they asked me a question. WHAT IF.........

After several cats asked me a WHAT IF question, I saw a pattern emerging. By asking these WHAT IF questions, I could see a shift in action occurring regarding my perspective about what is going on in the world. The questions started to change me from the inside. As I became more aware of what they were asking me, my responses to events changed without any effort on my part. It was an "Aha" moment as the light shined forth. I hope you enjoy the wisdom that will create a perspective shift in action the cats have been helping me to remember by asking "WHAT IF."

The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered I understood everything you said to me? Would you choose your words differently?"

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Shadow Knows

It's clean up time at Big Cat Rescue. Projects that had been delayed due to the summer rains are now in process. All the extra growth of plant life can now be removed as it settles into it's cycle of rest. Fallen leaves litter the ground, and weeds that stood tall, droop their heads letting us know we are in transition of a new season. I was checking out the area I was going to clean when I heard Shadow talking. I couldn't resist his invitation, so off I went to hear what he was saying.

As I approached his Cat-A-Tat, he sat down and stared at his neighbor's home. "Shadow, I heard you calling me. Now, I am here, and you are quiet." He didn't move a muscle. He kept staring at something I obviously was missing. I looked around...and around...and around. My mind was wandering off as it was making a check list of the cleaning tasks. Noticing the dry, dusty ground around me, Shadow said, "The only green grass left is over there." He gave me the sensation of where to look. Now, I knew what he was staring at, and he was right. The old saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side," immediately came to mind.

"Does that empower you?" he asked. "No," I replied, "but it is a belief that we have been raised to accept as truth." "Take your eyes off the green grass over there, and look at the dirt in my home. What do you see?" As I did what Shadow asked, I quit seeing that his neighbor had something he didn't have. Instead, I became aware of a process in action. It was only a matter of time before the green gave way to brown. There was no difference, only a matter of timing. "Change your point of observation, and you will change what there is to see," Shadow said. It is a simple way of using your power to change your world as The Shadow Knows.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hercules Unchained

Cold, weak and weary, the snow leopard slowly crept up the side of the mountain until his destination became visible. He slowly raised his head to take one last glance at his surroundings before disappearing into the opening of the cave. Once inside, he continued to go deeper and deeper until he found the perfect resting place. He had made it home.

A few days earlier, as he was stalking his prey, a cunning villager had been waiting for him. The snow leopard quietly cornered his prey as he duplicated every movement the sheep made until he positioned himself for the kill. It had been three days since his last meal, and he had to exercise patience to ensure his success. Moving with precise timing, he leaped high in the air, but before he made contact with the sheep, a burning sensation pelted through his thick fur and scorched his skin. Although the bullet had only grazed him, he was injured and had to leave his meal behind.

Safety could be found at a distance, and the snow leopard knew it would take everything he had to live. He started his journey and as the pain spread through his body, he kept moving even though he wanted to hide and rest. His mind and body worked together in harmony to manifest his will to survive.

As Hercules gave me this vision, he asked me if I knew how he created what he needed. I told him I understood he used his mind over matter to manifest his survival. "It is not mind over matter," Hercules said. "Mind BECOMES matter. The mind and body are one. There is no separation. Do you see the connection? Mind over matter is only an illusion." As Hercules spoke these words to me, I realized he had just shared a key to manifest what you want effortlessly from a higher way of BEING.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cheetaro's Survival Guide

Cheetaro's life experiences have been varied and most challenging. Imagine for a moment it is snowing outside, and the temperature is 28 degrees. The wind is gusting creating a wind chill -15 degrees. The only dry spot is on the cold concrete where you have been laying since the snow started falling and if you move, you will be forced to sleep in the cold, wet snow. But, that's not the challenging aspect of this experience. There is no escape or shelter of any kind. You are in a cage and must endure the storm. What do you do to survive and move forward in your life?

The above scenario is one that Cheetaro experienced on a daily basis before being rescued. He knows how to survive and move forward. When you are ready, Cheetaro has a technique to share with you and invites you to rest with him on his mountain in the sunshine. Lay down on your back and close your eyes. Let out a deep sigh. Feel the warmth of the sun caressing your body and warming your skin. There is no place to go and nothing that needs to be done. As you soak up the healing rays of the sun, become aware of your breath. Feel and hear yourself breathe. As you go deeper inside, you are harmonizing with the earth. You are becoming One with the earth. The energy in your body is increasing. As the frequency increases, you will rise above any challenge you may be experiencing. You leave the lower circumstance and see the experience from a higher perspective because of the increase in frequency. Ancient wisdom will speak to you, and you will know what to do to be free and protect yourself.

Cheetaro uses this technique daily to guide him. His heart is open to receive love and gratitude from your heart as you remember a forgotten survival technique that he has shared with you. Pass this healing ray of wisdom along to others who need help surviving and moving forward from a challenging experience. Cheetaro did.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Who Am I?

I like to hang out in my tree so I can see everything that is happening. Sunbathing is one of my favorite activities. It helps me to forget the cold weather and snow that I grew up with and staying outside without much shelter. My favorite spot to lay in the sun is on top of my mountain. I remember I had to lay on a hard floor when I was young, and now, I like the dirt and grass. I was separated from a female I loved so much and think of her often. I don't understand where she has gone, but miss her so much. Knowing what I had to endure, do you know Who I Am?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Are you feeling Go(o)d?

As the cool weather approaches, everything wants to romp and play. I was singing James Brown's big hit, "I feel good" as I walked down Tiger Lane today. I kept humming the "dadadadada" part of the song when Snorkel came out to join me singing the song. Our eyes connected, and as I sang to him, he conveyed this thought to me, "I feel Go(o)d." I immediately stopped. I knew from my previous conversations with Snorkel that he is a master at the alphabet and when we talk, the general rule of paw is he changes one letter in a word to present a different perspective that is very profound. I asked Snorkel why he gave me the impression of the o in parentheses. Snorkel replied, "Do you see a difference if you take the o out of good?" I thought it over again. Suddenly, it hit me. "I feel Go(o)d. I feel God." There is no difference. When I feel Go(o)d, I feel God. They are One and the same. I smiled at Snorkel and started singing again, this time with the ears of an angel.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Rose Blossoms

A beautiful Caracal, Rose is shown with her brother, Rusty. She lives in her own Cat-A-Tat and Rusty lives with another Caracal, Sassy. Rose has a dream of having a companion. Even though her dream has not yet manifested, she initiates action everyday that brings her closer to her dream becoming a reality. What does she do, you may ask, to bring her dream into manifestation?

Rose asks you to snuggle up next to her and close your eyes as you relax. Ask yourself what your heart wants to do. You may not know because your heart has been silent for a long time. When you know, focus only on that dream. Do not think about how it is going to happen. Direct your energy and intention as you feel and see yourself living your dream. Now, Rose wants you to think literally of a rose. The rose begins as a tiny bud with it's leaves tightly closed to protect itself. As it matures, the leaves open one by one until it blossoms into a beautiful rose. It has realized its dream.

Dreams manifest step by step, not by force, but by allowing things to flow and unfold. Rose has shared a powerful yet simple way to begin a dream process. Thank Rose as your heart has begun to open to the beauty in your dreams.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who Am I?

My home is on the tour path. I enjoy having company all day. I like to follow the keepers and am very friendly. I am so sweet and tame. I will often come to you when you call my name. I like to see what is going on around me. I don't think of myself as a cat even though I have dainty feline features. I am a snuggler and very affectionate. My dream is to have a companion. Think of beauty, and you will guess Who I Am.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Maya's Ghost Story for Halloween

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Shere Power

Day after day, I sit in this small carrier that I have outgrown long ago. My nose presses against the wires of the door creating a pressure that makes it difficult for me to breathe. My nose is shaped by my inability to back up in my small pet carrier and grows flatter every day. I cannot stand up and move around as the walls of the only home I have ever known contract and restrict my activities. I do not get fresh food daily and if I do not eat all of it, I am forced to lay down on top of it. I sleep in what my body has eliminated through the day as my home is not cleaned unless someone remembers to clean me. My back legs have not developed right because I do not get the exercise I need. I feel sick most of the day because I do not get good food or care. I was told I was born "the wrong color" and no one wanted me, so they put me in this small home and forgot about me. I know someday, I will grow to be big and strong because I feel this power in my heart.

Shere Khan has experienced the darkness before the light. His early life contracted before it expanded. At times, he felt as though he was stuck in a room with no windows and no way out. He felt confused and discouraged not understanding why his life started in such an unnatural way. However, he was patient and perservered. He found the strength within to survive this constrictive way of life. Today, he is a beautiful tiger because of the good food, vitamins, plenty of room to exercise and a committment from Big Cat Rescue. The love that was given him from everyone at the sanctuary is being returned back to those in need from Shere Khan.

You may be wondering why you are facing constrictions even though you are doing good in the world, following your dreams and working on your personal growth. You may be feeling some panic as things are tight and mentally working overtime trying to figure out why things are happening the way they are. Shere Khan's message to you comes in the form of Shere Power, the kind of power that can only be found in your heart. Look to the natural world for inspiration as you observe surrender as part of a process of being born to a new way of being. In that surrender and in the center of your heart, you will find a willingness to trust in the unknown as you remember that your spirit is growing big and strong. Think of Shere Khan when you think things will never change. Allow the power in his heart to help awaken the power in your heart and soon you will see the light.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Shadow Knows

The feel of cool is finally in the air. Everything appears to be taking a deep sigh as the summer heat is now gone. I have been enjoying the crisp breezes in the morning as I volunteer at the sanctuary. Yesterday as I was cleaning the Cat-A-Tat's, I kept tripping over fallen branches and limbs. Quietly, I was thinking, "What a mess." Reaching down to pick up yet another branch, I no sooner had it in my hand when I heard, "Why is it a mess?" I looked up and saw Shadow sitting in front of me with closed eyes and sniffing the air. I watched him as he moved his head slowly to the right and then to the left, observing his nose constantly at work.

"The wind comes flying through here and snaps the branches from the trees creating this mess," I replied. Shadow continued to sniff the air acting as though he didn't hear me. I proceeded to pick up the debris and was about ready to leave when he said, "Do you see how the gusts of wind help you?"

Sweaty and dirty, I looked all around me until my eyes connected with a tree that had been pruned by the wind. I hadn't noticed it before, but as I took a closer look, the tree had a different shape. Somehow it wasn't the same. I could feel the change. It had been dead looking with all of the branches that no longer had life in them, and now there was an invisible vitality that would soon manifest as new growth. I smiled and looked at Shadow.

"There is a quality that is hidden in the wind," he said. "It can lift your spirit, change things around, and make way for new things to appear in your life. It helps to clear up the mess, not make one." I was without words as I thanked Shadow for his wisdom. I will never complain about the wind again because now I know what The Shadow Knows.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cameron, The Tender Hearted

Roars can be deceiving especially when they come from Cameron. His love for Zabu speaks louder than any roar he could utter. Cameron maybe king of his territory, but his heart rules his life. Sometimes Zabu can create conflict with Cameron, but Cameron has the strength of compassion. He knows conflict is an unavoidable aspect of life.

How does Cameron handle conflict? Lay down in your favorite spot and ask Cameron to reveal his technique. As you quiet your mind, think of someone you love that you have had a recent conflict with, and there has been no resolution of the disagreement. Visualize the event again except this time instead of walking away angry, approach the conflict with an open heart. This allows us to learn from the conflict instead of missing the lesson. The manner in which we handle ourselves when confronted with conflict demonstrates our overall level of patience and compassion.

Conflict is generally motivated by unspoken needs that are masked by confrontational attitudes or aggressive behavior. When we approach conflict with love and compassion in our hearts, we empower ourselves to discover a means to attaining a win-win resolution for everyone. You have changed the dynamics of the situation and conflict just disappears. Cameron knows love conquers all. Send your love to Cameron and share your compassion with him as you now have a new way of handling conflict with those you love.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Who Am I?

I was living at a roadside zoo when I was rescued. No one respected me or knew who I was, but now I am King where I live. People often ask, "Who is that?" when I roar. Everyone wants to see me when they come to the sanctuary. I am a lover and am very protective of the love of my life. She is a bright light in my life. I am compassionate and have very deep feelings. You can find me sleeping in my favorite spot. Have I told you too much to know who I am?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Snorkel's Reflections

Snorkel is a master at "chuffing." His greetings always bring a smile to my face. Today was no different as I approached his Cat-A-Tat. After several minutes of saying hello, he stopped and gave me an intense stare. I knew he had something important he wanted to share with me. All I heard were the words ME and WE. My mind immediately repeated the two words. My feelings were questioning what Snorkel was communicating. I heard him start to chuff again and an intense feeling of love and warmth surrounded me.

"If you look in water, you see yourself. It is ME who I am looking at. But, look closer because you will see reflected back to you, WE. You are never alone." Join me as I send a wave of gratitude to Snorkel thanking him for sharing a short and simple lesson on how to develop the ears of an angel.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Balanced Bailey

Did you know that Bailey loves to play? She is a small Bobcat that lives in the heart of the sanctuary. Bailey loves people and can often be seen scampering from one corner of her Cat-A-Tat to another allowing people on tours to get great pictures of her. Yet, she knows when to be quiet and not allow her day to be all play. She has learned balance.

If you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, Bailey has an idea that can help you balance your day. Close your eyes and see yourself setting on a swing with Bailey next to you on her swing. Gently start to swing back and forth. As you swing, you will start to feel a natural rhythm. Allow yourself to let go and flow with the rhythm. Become one with the rhythm. Feel the effortlessness that comes with being in tune with the natural rhythm. When your day becomes hectic, close your eyes and feel the natural rhythm that you feel now. Daily obligations and responsibilities will magically get done as you flow with life. As you stop swinging, give Bailey a heart hug and thank her for sharing a fun way to rebalance your life.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Who Am I?

Come play with me as I have so many toys and like to have fun. My home is in the middle of the sanctuary, and I can see everything that goes on. I like people and love to see them walking by. I am small, so sometimes it is hard to find me. I like to get on my swing and show how balanced I am. I was very young when I came here and am used to having alot of attention. I am easy going and adapt easily. It won't be hard to guess who I am.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Soulful Voyage

Darkness was creeping fast throughout the Sanctuary. It was the last Friday of the month, and the cats knew it was time for another Night Tour. Saving their energy through the day, they were ready to come out and play. Different shapes and sizes, and big eyes that glowed red or yellow could be seen from a distance. Roars and meows followed the group as they made their way to Tiger Lane.

This night was special because one of the tigers was saving a treat for the tour. Bengali's life journey was being shared with the group, when out of nowhere, he started to lead them to his favorite place. All eyes followed his huge body until at last he stopped and slowly put one gigantic paw into his pool of water. The other one followed as he gently eased his body into the water. Crooking his neck back to view the group, he let out a huge "chuff" and allowed his head to return viewing the front of his Cat-A-Tat.

Bengali communicated a very important message to the group. As the seasons change, all life starts to withdraw for the winter. Animals know this is a natural way of BEING that will help them gain strength for the next leg of their life's journey. Bengali would like to share a bath-time visualization with you to help you feel the natural rhythms of the seasons. Draw yourself a bath and place a drop of lavender oil in the water. Let yourself soak and imagine you are a tiger looking for a place to rest. Enter a forest or some form of dense vegetation jungle. Silence is all around you. Let yourself nest in a place that is just right for you. Ask Bengali to join you as you both fall into the stillness of the Earth. Know these feelings are natural as you align with the harmony of nature. When you are ready, take a deep breath and sigh as you come back out of the forest or jungle, feeling refreshed and renewed. Thank Bengali for introducing you to a way animals meditate to help them renew their spirit and BE in the flow of life's rhythms.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Shadow Knows

The sun was peeking through the branches of a tree that shades Shadow's home as I sat warming myself waiting to hear what Shadow had to say. In his typical fashion, he immediately started to share with me, a broader view of something that I had only seen through my limited, physical vision.

"Good afternoon, Shadow. Do you have something to share with me today?"

"Watch me," he said. He stood motionless, and I could barely see him breathing. All of his muscles were focused with an intensity that would soon reveal its purpose. A beautiful butterfly was making itself known to Shadow. In one motion, Shadow swatted at the tiny creature and missed. This continued for a couple of minutes before the butterfly made its escape out of the dangerous territory.

A dragonfly had the next close encounter with Shadow and also made a daring escape. I knew Shadow was communicating with me as I could see the same pattern repeating itself except with different species. Finally I asked, "What are you saying, Shadow?" He sat down and stared at me.

"What do you see that has wings?" he asked. I looked around and noticed mosquitos, flies, dragonflies, butterflies, birds, and wasps just to name a few. As soon as I finished, he said, "Our spirits have wings that can fly over challenging situations to help us see things from different points of view. Do you see how many different kinds of wings there are? That is how many different ways there are to fly and overcome any challenge."

I smiled and looked with love on my wings that were beginning to take flight and soar because of what The Shadow Knows.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Remembering You

Amazing Grace is so excited about her home improvements, she is blessing us with her wisdom by sharing another poem today that gives us certainty in an uncertain world about our home we call Planet Earth.

Angels have heard the cries within your hearts, and as the darkness of men's souls begin to take flight, a stirring of radiance and love shines forth, dissolving illusions and guiding you as the forgotten light.

A new awakening is beginning to unfold,
manifesting compassion as ancient scribes once told,
of a golden age of peace and One,
promised long ago by a special Christed Son.

Tears will dry as you remember who you are,
having forgotten you are God's shining stars.
Abuse will end, and your hearts will heal,
as you now know what you do to others, you also feel.

Love is the currency creating new ways of Being,
old ways are gone and soon you will be seeing,
Caring and sharing, each doing their part,
will quicken this process of sharing One heart.

Crystal Clear

Crystals can be hard to find; however, this one has found you. Crystal has a special purpose in your life at this time as you do in hers. If you are ready, join Crystal in a meditation in the tall blades of grass that light up as the sun shines on them. Invite Crystal to sit with you as you quietly share the same space, and allow her to show you her magical abilities that will assist you in clearing limiting perspectives and beliefs and clarify your thoughts.

Close your eyes and relax. Crystal knows every single relationship you have is a mirror of how you feel inside about yourself. You are a walking magnet, using your thoughts and feelings to attract all things to you. Every relationship and every interaction you have with everything around you is a reflection of the real you in that moment. Possessing the ability to magnify and amplify energies, she is asking you, "What is your world reflecting to you?" Look closely, and by examining what your outer world consists of, you will begin to clearly see who you are in that moment. It may not be who you think you are as you have unconsciously moved about your world camouflaged, giving no thought to the reflection perspective. See what you have collected and ask yourself why you have the life you are experiencing.

Crystal knows as you start to ponder these things, you will find that your outer world is a mirror of your inner world that has the potential to heal and clear limiting thoughts that are communicating to you in a different way. A powerful, yet subtle form of healing, Crystal is helping you to get clear about who you really are, and as soon as you remember, your entire world including Crystal's world will be healed. Relationships will change, and we will no longer have unwanted pets, like Crystal. Send Crystal a heart thought of thanks for your clarity of vision as you start a new beginning.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Who Am I?

Unwanted, I was. This is why I live here. I do not trust people. I do not know what they want from me. You may think I am hard to get to know. My days are spent moving quietly through the tall blades of grass, camouflaged, so I won't be noticed by anyone. I am a small cat and love to hunt lizards and bugs. My name will give you new insights into the real me. Reflect on this clue, and it will become clear Who I am.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Video #13

Watch Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter visit Pappa Bear and others. Click HERE

Video #12

Watch Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter speak with Shaquille the Black Leopard and some of his friends at Big Cat Rescue. Click HERE

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sarabi's Guide to Success

Sarabi's physical strength is a paradox as you feel the love and compassion in her heart. Her roar can be heard throughout the sanctuary, yet her inspiration can be heard in stillness. A beautiful lion, she is very social and deeply cares about people. No matter what you are enduring, Sarabi's strength will empower you to meet the challenge.

If you feel frustrated or discouraged by the length of time it is taking you to fulfill your dreams, Sarabi invites you to see the situation from a different point of view by sitting beside her on the grassy perch. Close your eyes and allow the dream to fill your heart. See yourself doing what your heart tells you. Allow yourself to feel your dream materializing. See it happening in detail. Experience the excitement and joy as you succeed bringing your dream to fruition. Become aware that you are acting, feeling, and knowing as though it were already your reality, not just a dream.

Sarabi wants to be the first to congratulate you as she guided you to remember an important key to success. By acting as though it were, it is only a matter of time before it manifests in the physical. You have risen to meet the challenge. Sarabi extends her paws to enfold you with a hug that expands the blessings you have just received as you start living your dream. Thank Sarabi and send blessings of gratitude to her for helping guide you to success.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Tribute to Cachinga and Samantha

There are natural cycles of life. Nothing real has ever died, only the names, forms, and illusions are gone. You have to let them go in order to make room for new things to arise or for transformation to occur. If you hold onto and resist at that point, you are refusing to go with the flow of life, and you will suffer. One cycle cannot exist without the other.

Even though Cachinga and Samantha are no longer in their physical bodies, they are teaching us how to accept what is and surrender to the Now. It is precisely at these times that surrender needs to be practiced if we want to eliminate pain and sorrow. They are teaching us BEING. As we accept what is, it immediately frees us and reconnects us with BEING. They are teaching us integrity which means to BE yourself and to BE real.

Join with me as we send love and gratitude to Cachinga and Samantha for BEING who there are and for sharing their lives with us. Feel the deep compassion of the deep bond between ourselves and their spirits. In surrendering and accepting their physical transition, I am reminded of an ancient teaching which tells us to "Love your neighbor as yourself" because your neighbor IS yourself and the recognition of oneness is Love, and the surrendering has transformed us. Thank you Cachinga and Samantha. It has been an honor and a privilege to have known both of you.

Who Am I?

Upon my grassy perch, I royally sit and watch. My roar provides inspiration and announces my strength and stamina. I am a Master Guide who can teach you to rise to meet the challenge. I will help you feel again and impart confidence that you will endure. I care, and you will see, when I reach my paws in front of me to form a big cat hug. Do you have a feeling of who I am?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Video #11

Watch Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter speak with the tigers. Click HERE

Thursday, August 24, 2006

'Cause That's Alachua Bob

Alachua Bob reminds us that you don't have to make noise to make a difference. You can be quiet, remain in the background and support a cause. He has compassion and love in his heart for cats around the world and wants to remind you of some of the ways you can support the cats at the sanctuary.

Everyday, go to, and click on the bone that says "Feed A Big Cat." This helps to financially support the daily feedings of the cats. Another way to support their cause is to click on "Take Action" and sign the current petitions that will give the cats a voice to enact new legislation for their benefit. You can also recycle ink cartridges and schedule a tour to see some of your favorite cats at the sanctuary. Education is key whenever you support a cause. Take time to learn why the cats are at Big Cat Rescue and why the sanctuary came into being. Alachua Bob is sharing his favorite cause with you. Help support him, along with the other cats, so in the future, sanctuaries will only be a memory.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Who Am I?

No one expected me to live after I had been hurt. However, my purpose in life was just beginning. After arriving at the sanctuary, I started to support other cats with their causes and helped them make transitions. It didn't matter what kind of transition they were choosing. I can do this for any cat in the world. You will not often see me because I am a peaceful, wise, old soul and in my wisdom, I keep quiet and hidden. When you think of me, know I would not kill anything, and you will guess who I am.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Victorious Papa Bear

Papa Bear is not confused about who he is. The outer world has taken away some of his physical parts which has caused him great pain and discomfort. Instead of withdrawing and seeing himself as a victim, Papa Bear has let go of the experience of having his toes cut off that could prove to be self-limiting and adversely affect his life. By letting go, he has transformed himself.

Papa Bear's heart can help your heart expand and change naturally if you are ready to let go of a negative experience that has kept you from fulfilling your potential. He knows in order to grow, you have to look deep into your heart and courageously let go. When you are ready, relax and let go of any thoughts. As your mind gets quiet, ask Papa Bear permission to share his courage with you. Feel his courage. Feel who he is.

Choose one physical experience that has left you with the feeling of missing a part of yourself. Expand your choices and see yourself making a different choice that will empower you. See the outcome of that experience as positive and restoring your missing part of your Being. Let go of the experience because NOW you have transformed naturally by choosing a power choice that keeps you whole and doesn't leave a part of you behind. You are a different person. You will never make the same choice again. You will never have the same experience again. It is gone forever because you have now reclaimed that part of you that was missing. Papa Bear has helped you create a new inner landscape. He knows you can only lose something that you have. You cannot lose something that you are because you are One with everything that Is.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who Am I?

An unusual creature, I am. I heard I was the world's largest rat. To prove it, my toes were cut off, and my tail was shaved. No one knew what I was. Rescued and now living in a quiet place, I can enjoy my favorite activity-eating. I love raw eggs and will break them, slurping the tasty liquid until it is gone. The rats know I am scared of them and will run away when they come to steal my food. But, I don't mind sharing. I am grateful I have food. Are you confused about who I am?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Caring Catera

Catera, a Southern Bobcat, knows what it is like to have family members see you as crazy. Nature has a way of cleansing itself, and when an animal is born with a defect that threatens their survival, the mother will often kill it. In our society, when people are born with defects, this is unacceptable and people survive physically. However, in their hearts, they often carry words that have been spoken to them that slowly kills their spirit, shutting down their life force.

You do not have to be born with defects for people to say cruel words. If you have been hurt by family members and are ready to release the pain in your heart, Catera knows a secret that will give you the power to be whole. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Ask Catera his permission to help you. Feel the presence of Catera enter your heart. Group the feelings together that have hurt you such as anger, fear or rejection. When you have them grouped together, take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, blow each group of feelings into a balloon, keeping the group of feelings in separate balloons. When you have filled the balloons, release them and ask Catera to watch with you as they float away until you no longer see them. They are gone forever. Thank Catera for this wisdom as he has helped you to release the emotions that have been quietly killing you. Catera promises you will now be able to see everyday new and exciting.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Who Am I?

You may think I am brain damaged. My mother did and tried to kill me before I was rescued. I see myself as liking things organized. It is easier for me to understand if everything is grouped together that is alike. I learn quickly if there is order, same thing here, same thing there. Everyday is a new and exciting day. Nothing is the same for me. I always see something new and different. Do you remember who I am?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Video #10

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter talks with some of the cats at Big Cat Rescue including Canyon the Sandcat, Nirvana the Ocelot, and the Servals: Kalahari, Cleo Cat Tra and Shasta in this 15 minute segment that is about 62 MB.

Click HERE to start the download. This will take a while, but is worth it!

Video #9

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter talks to some of the non cats at Big Cat Rescue including the Coatimundi, Pappa Bear, the Palm Civet, Calvin and the African Civets, Rashid and Stetson in this 15 minute segment. This is approximately 73 MB and takes a while to load, so do a little meditation and relax while we download your segment. Click the link HERE to start:

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Video #8

To watch Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter speak with Shaquille the Black Leopard, and the Servals: Bongo, Serengeti and Arizona click on the link below. This is a 15 minute segment and will take a while to download.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Shaquille's Power Moves

The audience grows quiet as the lights dim. A loud voice announces the next performance. Rushing out to light the giant hoop, the man signals to me it is time as my moment is here. I patiently wait on the stool, watching the flames shoot high in the air. My muscles tense, and my heart starts to pound, as fear races through my body. The crackling sound of the whip, snapping as it hits the floor, spurs my body into motion. I pace around the flaming hoop again and again until at last, I know I must jump through the ring of fire. As I approach the hoop, I hesitate, feeling the heat long before it brushes my skin, remembering a different heat my body will produce from the beatings I will endure if I do not perform. I do not jump. This is not who I am.

Shaquille is sharing with you a power move. Nothing has ever happened in the past that can prevent you from being in the present moment and BE who you are. If the past cannot prevent you from being in the present moment and BE who you are, what power does it have? None. It is an illusion. What keeps you from BEING in the present moment? Only the present moment holds the power to move you to BE who you are.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Simba's Guessing Games

Simba enjoys guessing games. It is one of his abilities that provides him information. He is able to KNOW who you are when he sees you. He KNOWS because his heart tells him. Guessing can be fun and used as a tool that can help you connect with your heart.

Knowing only comes from the heart. It is called intuition. This is Simba's way of assisting you in developing your intuition. Building confidence is critical to trusting what your heart is communicating. A simple guessing game involving a deck of cards will help you build confidence in heart communications. Ask Simba to play with you. See and feel him laying beside you as you start your game. He will share his abilities with you. Allow his heart to speak to yours as you begin to guess what color card you are holding. Is the card black or red? Do not force the answer. Allow it to come to you. Do not get discouraged if you do not guess accurately at first. You WILL guess accurately more and more as you practice with this tool. You will know which color you are holding as you trust what you heart speaks. When you finish, thank Simba for sharing a fun way to hear heart whispers.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Who Am I?

Who are you? I think you like the wild side of things. You enjoy being in nature. You want to be close to big cats. You appear to be purr-fect. You like hearing "tails" about animals. Am I right? My mind needs stimulation, and I like to play guessing games. When you come to see me, I watch you and guess who you are. Everyone trusts me, and I keep the community informed as to the latest happyning. They wait and depend upon me to help broadcast the news. I represent the yang energy in the community. Guess, guess, guess who I am.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Purrpose-Full Translation

The title of this post came in a dream to my friend, Dixie, from Hercules. Dixie was with me last Friday at the sanctuary on a tour when "An Enlightened Happyning" unfolded. What did you hear the cats saying? Are you ready to have a new perspective revealed to you that will help you create what you want?

The cats are sharing with us wisdom about giving and receiving. When Tonga started to meow, he was giving me an indication that something out of the ordinary was happening. Why? Tonga very seldom meows. Next, both Banjo and Sylvester sitting high in trees communicates they are looking at things from a higher perspective. I knew whatever this message was, I had to let go of an old way of seeing something. Banjo was also trying to catch a limb, but couldn't get a hold of it. This confirmed a new way of seeing something because he was having a hard time catching it. It was in front of him; however, he couldn't quite get it. The next subtle communication was when I had dropped my sunglasses and was determined to go back and get them. I felt very strong about this as these were the only pair I owned. It was almost instant manifestation when I went back to find them.

The purrpose-full translation is a new way of looking at giving and receiving. Most of us do not have any problem with giving; however, it is often difficult for us to receive. We have old belief systems about this process that no longer work for us. The cats are sharing with us this higher way of looking at giving and receiving that will serve us in this awakening world:

To give is to create with heartfelt Intentions
To receive will result in Manifestation

We have tried to create with affirmations, power words, mantras, positive visualization and often we do not manifest. It is our concepts and beliefs we have about giving and receiving that stop the manifestations. By giving with your heart in the form of an intention, you FEEL instead of think, which sends forth creative power, and you WILL receive as the result of your intention as a manifestation.

There is one more part of this new way of creating that Sylvester communicated as his tail swished back and forth. When he told me, it was "a bun dance", Hercules clarified it as Abundance. Intentions will result in Manifestations providing Abundance created by the heart.

Video #7

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter speaks with Hallelujah the Cougar, Zulu, Zander and Shanghai the Leopard Cat Hybrids, Nico the Geoffroy Cat, Cybil the Serval and Anastasia the Siberian Lynx.

Download File

Thursday, July 20, 2006

An Enlightened Happyning

Beads of sweat were trickling down the middle of my back as I was walking along the tour path at the sanctuary last Friday. Echoes of Cameron’s roars pierced the heavy, stale air as the guineas pecked at the ground searching for their next delicacy. Peacocks and swans were hastily making their way toward the group when out of the corner of my eye; I saw a white flash of light. Tonga had magically appeared and was very excited to share with me information about a group communication that the cats were discussing.

I had yet to hear Tonga’s physical voice; however, this was the first indication I had that something exciting was going on as he continued to “meow.” All of my senses were put on full alert as I continued to walk the path. It wasn’t long before I came to Banjo sitting high in a tree trying to catch something. I thought this might be a rare occurrence as was verified to me later.

Near the end of the tour, I stopped at Sylvester’s Cat-A-Tat. Gawking upward, my neck straining like a turtle who checks things out before moving on, I saw Sylvester perched on the third level of his tree house with his tail swishing back and forth. I made the comment to my friend that she should take a picture as it would make a great tail shot. Sylvester was quick to reply, “It is a bun dance”. We laughed and moved on in anticipation to see Hercules.

Hidden quietly in a corner, you could only see his eyes at first. No movement was initiated, at least with his physical body. I took off my sunglasses and bent down. Our eyes locked. Neither of us blinked. The moment passed, and I moved on. As the group approached the end of the tour, I noticed I had lost my sunglasses. Afterwards, I told the tour guide, if they found them to please keep them, as I would be back later. As I shopped with my friend, I started thinking those sunglasses were the only pair I had, and I needed them. I could not wait. I knew I had to go back and get them. I asked the tour guide to please go with me to retrieve them.

It wasn’t long before I arrived at the location where I dropped my sunglasses. Hercules was sitting quietly, watching me as I approached. Our eyes met, and he asked me if I had understood the message today. I said, “No.” Within a few minutes, he explained what the group had communicated.

Now, you have the message that was communicated by the community. What do you hear as the message? What has the community said? Remember, communication is more than the spoken word. Look for the subtlies. Tune in tomorrow as I reveal the message. Hint: They are sharing with us a new perspective about creating.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trick-E Being

Trick-E is a beautiful Amur Leopard Cat. He has had an image of himself that doesn't align with his inner BEING. He had compared himself with Moses, a Southern Bobcat, and felt ugly. Weary of being lonely, he is now ready to BE himself, accepting who he is. Gingerly walking around his territory, he is allowing himself to be seen.

Trick-E is walking beside you and wanting to share with you his courage to BE who you are. He asks you to look into a mirror. Who do you see? Do you see someone who compares themselves to others? Do you see someone who sees themselves inferior because you don't look the way you think you should? Has the real you remained hidden and out of sight for years because you didn't measure up to the world's standards? Trick-E is giving you the acceptance of his heart to BE who you are. He knows no one has seen the real you, and NOW is the time to allow the world to see who you are. There is no need to compare. The lonely days are gone. Just BE.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Video #6

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter speaks with Shaquille and Nyla the Leopards and Sylvester the Puma in this 20 minute sequence at Big Cat Rescue.

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Video #5

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter talks with Scratch & Squeaker the Mountain Lions and Cloe the Snow Leopard at Big Cat Rescue.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Ears of an Angel

My ears went silent. I could hear no longer. I felt fear and confusion, unable to hear the slightest movement I had depended upon for my survival. One day, I knew the world I had known would never be the same. I could only hear whispers, feelings from the heart.

Snorkel's heart message is teaching you how to develop ears of an angel. It is simple. Only in the stillness of the present moment will you know and hear the whispers from the heart, and that is why the only difference between now and know is one silent letter. Send Snorkel your gratitude for sharing his insight to help you manifest with your outer sight.

Audio #1

This 25 minute podcast features animal communicator, Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter, as she speaks with Scratch, Squeaker & Sylvester the cougars, Shaquille and Nyla the leopards and Cloe the Snow Leopard.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Who Am I?

The palmetto filters the sun as I quietly come out to bask. You will not know I am here except when the long blades of grass sway back and forth as I try to keep my location a secret. I have remained hidden for years because I don't think I look very good. When I was younger, I was raised with another cat. He was beautiful, and I wanted to look like him. I thought I should look like him. He was a Bobcat, and I am different. It has been a lonely existence. For a long time, I have remained content being withdrawn, but that is not who I am. I am now ready to be seen and BE who I am.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Shadow Knows

“Do you hear the sound of the lizard as he moves quickly to shelter himself from sight?” asked Shadow.

I had not been aware of any lizard. At first, I heard nothing but the chatter of my mind reminding me of things I needed to do before the end of the day. My mind gradually gave way to a heightened state of alertness, and I could hear the barely perceptible rustling of the fallen leaves.

“I hear him now,” I said.

“It is a simple thing to listen to a lizard move, rain splashing as it hits the grass, thunder vibrating the ground where I sleep, and the wind moving past me. I asked if you heard the SOUND of the lizard. You thought of the lizard. You did not notice the simple thing of listening. I am content to listen. Simple. Insignificant. It is the environment necessary for the joy of BEING.”

Is it possible that I cannot become aware of myself because I am constantly BEING aware of something else? Is this the message being shared that The Shadow Knows?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Video #4

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter talks with the Jungle Cats Rambo, Tarzan and Shaniqua, Amur Leopard Cat Trick E, Ocelot Amazing Grace and checks back in with Apollo and Zeus the Siberian Lynx. This episode could be called Revealing the Secret Self.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Video #3

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter speaks with the fur farm survivors, Apollo and Zeus who are Siberian Lynx, and with Shadow, Sugar and Aspen Echo the mountain lions.

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Hercules Unchained

The blizzard had been raging for four days. Cold, ice, and wind had penetrated the thick hair of the snow leopard as he had ventured out many times to search for dinner. He had been unsuccessful in his tries and had finally retreated to his den. Restless and hungry, the pain in his empty stomach kept gnawing at him until he could wait no longer. His head peaking outside the den was greeted by a forceful gust of freezing wind and ice that forced him back inside. He paced and paced. Determined to quiet his hunger, he started his journey. He measured each step he took as his footing was exposed to the treacherous, icy ridgeline of the mountain. Focused on each small curve, he maneuvered his body to adjust to the swirling, howling wind. Suddenly, below him was a form coming into view through the blowing snow. A Himalayan blue sheep was lost and trying to find refuge from the storm. She was at least 30’ away, and he knew he must make a huge leap if he was to eat today. All of his attention was focused on her, and he seized the moment, capturing his dinner.

“Seize the moment,” a simple, small act wherein lies the greatest power, said Hercules. BEING in the present moment gives you access to this power. BEING in the present moment gives it access to you.

Hercules was teaching me a different perspective of what it meant to “seize the moment.” I had been taught I would lose the opportunity that was being presented if I did not act on or seize the moment. The opportunity would be gone forever. Hercules was showing me when I do not seize the moment, I am losing access to the power contained within the moment that creates the opportunity, which is the primary reason to seize the moment, and losing the opportunity is the secondary reason because where is the opportunity if you do not have access to the power to bring it into manifestation?

Cougar Chronicles

Bagheera and Saber have chosen not to be introduced in a traditional way. When I asked each of them to share with me who they were for the purpose of introduction to the Cougar Chronicles, both replied they wanted you to know them with your heart, not your head. They have chosen a higher way of BEING introduced instead of the old way of telling someone about yourself.

As you follow the Cougar Chronicles, you will see Bagheera and Saber with the eyes of your heart. You will feel their experiences with Artemis, Ares, and Orion. They will communicate with you through their emotions and a range of senses. You will know what they are feeling and experiencing. There will be moments words cannot express or describe your connection with them, and you will become aware that you are remembering the Universal Language.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Loving Orion

Cougar Chronicles opens the first entry with the appearance of Orion. Artemis and Ares feel they have to take care of their younger brother. He is slower, not because he is dumb, but is currently intimidated by them. He will let them be out front as he stays in the background watching them. He sometimes feels overpowered by them. He needs the opportunity to be himself without them dominating him. He is timid and very sweet. He is a nurturer.

Mischievious Ares

If you get confused which cub is Ares, stop and observe the one who is checking things out. He is very curious about everything. He does not take anything seriously. He is a talker and will generally start things, only to leave it to the others to finish. Laugh and play are his ideas of what life is all about. He has a short attention span and will get bored quickly. He feels very safe with his brother and sister.

Dominant Artemis

Artemis is the leader of her brothers. She is very protective and will ensure no harm comes to Ares or Orion. She has strong family values and wants her brothers to stay with her. Artemis is serious in nature, a no-nonsense personality. She has set boundaries with her brothers, and they know she will keep them in line. Ares and Orion know to keep their distance when she is eating. She is a hunter at heart, and you will find her playing with whole food.

The Visionary Windsong

Windsong, at last, comes forward announcing herself as one of the spiritual leaders at the sanctuary. She answers the question, “Who Am I?” with another question. Is your concept of a song a specific lyric or melody? If the answer is yes, she has an empowerment tool she wants you to experience that will expand your concept of a song and help you manifest the invisible and align your intention with your creative purpose.

Ancient societies acknowledged singing as a source of healing for the heart. Working with our voice in any way feeds the essence of who we are. Windsong asks, “What is your favorite song?” Close your eyes and listen. When you know what it is, write it down on paper. What are the words saying to you? Are there any lyrics at all or just melodies? How does the song make you feel? When you examine your favorite song, an invisible outward connection will manifest revealing the creative aspects of who you are and give you important insights of your inner being. Windsong reminds you when you sing or hum your favorite song, you are remembering who you are that has been hidden or forgotten. Your essence is a song. Your heart will start to open again and heal. With an open heart and a clear intention, you will experience creating on purpose. I know you won’t forget to thank her for this empowerment tool because Windsong will stay on your mind.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cougar Chronicles

A new adventure awaits Orion, Artemis, and Ares in the near future as they prepare to move into their new Cat-A-Tat that is in the final stages of completion. What will life be like in their new home? Who will be there to greet them? What kind of home improvements will they make? Who will get to pick their den first? How will they feel about their new home? What mischief will they get into?

Come back tomorrow as the cubs introduce themselves along with Bagheera and Saber. They want you to know who they are. They invite you to share their adventures with them as they remind you the importance of BEING who you are.

Gratitude Creates the Impossible

Sundari and all of the cats at the sanctuary thank you for your heartfelt gratitude the last two weeks. As a result of your gratitude, something (k)new is happening. The cougar cubs expressed their desire to have a maternal influence in their lives. They asked Bagheera, a Black Leopard, to be their maternal mentor. She agreed and was very excited. Orion, Artemis, and Ares asked Bagheera because of the deep love she has in her heart. Bagheera has never had kittens of her own and jumped at the opportunity. She remembers her wild nature, which will help the cubs remember theirs as they adapt in a new environment. They also wanted a male presence, who would support them and give them a father's love. Saber, a Black Leopard, volunteered. He is very playful and silly and feels as though he has what it takes to mentor three cubs. After all, how hard can it be?

Gratitude transformed the impossible into reality. Two Black Leopards volunteered to fulfill the role of parents to three orphaned cougar cubs. This would never happen in the wild. The cubs have had an emptiness in their hearts after losing their biological mother. Bagheera and Saber were chosen because of what the cubs saw in their hearts. It didn't matter that they were a different species. The cubs need love. Bagheera and Saber have transcended any differences they may have physically and are showing us that love is the only reality, and everything else is just an illusion.

Who Am I?

I am a female Bobcat. I am one of the four cats that make up the core of the spiritual leaders at the sanctuary. The other cats have respect for me because I have been here so long. I am a trend-setter. I see the invisible ahead of time. I see the possibilities. I like to get things started. After I start something, I do not like to finish it. I delegate to others. I do not like details. I help organize. I like to keep things orderly.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Video #2

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter speaks with the orphaned cougar cubs, Artemis, Ares and Orion, and with Saber the black leopard, Nikita the bobcat, Apollo and Zeus the Siberian Lynx, Amazing Grace the ocelot and Shadow, Sugar and Aspen Echo the mountain lions.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Video #1

Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter talks with some of the cats of Big Cat Rescue including Hercules, the Snow Leopard, Lola, Jade and Armani the Leopards, Rusty and Sassy the Caracals, Cameron the Lion, Zabu the White Tiger and Windsong the Bobcat.

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My Odeo Channel (odeo/7a5a07095294e679)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Shadow Knows

When I was at the sanctuary on Thursday, I observed Jade sniffing around one of the palmetto bushes in her Cat-A-Tat. As I continued to watch her, I noticed she was peeking around every little blade of grass that was making a new appearance in the world, moving in the direction of any slight sound to see who may be visiting her, and playing with a bug at her leisure until the bug gave up and she lost interest. I pondered if this was the behavior that gave birth to the idea of "Curiosity Killed the Cat." I knew immediately who would know-The Shadow.

Shadow, is it true that curiosity killed the cat?

Shadow smiles and begins to lay down and roll over on his back. He sits up.

How can it kill me? It is my way of learning. It is natural to be curious.

Can being curious get you in trouble?

What is trouble?

Can being curious kill you?

Being curious does not kill me. What I am learning from can kill me.

I apologize for not understanding that subtle distinction the first time, Shadow. How does being curious help you learn?

It stimulates anticipation. I look forward and get excited about new things. It feels good to be curious. I watch to see how it moves and what I must do. I learn how to move so I can get it. I learn when to move. It is how I search for what I need. Curiosity helps me to survive.

Thank you Shadow for sharing with me today.